ADA NSW Case Study

ada nsw

THE AUSTRALIAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION’S (NSW) SUCCESSFUL PARTNERSHIP WITH HOTLINE IT. The Australian Dental Association (NSW Branch) and Hotline IT (formally Hotline Support) have had a successful business relationship since 1998. During this time, we have created many new Technology based solutions, that has enabled the ADA NSW to become the leader in membership services delivery. … Read more

IT Disaster Recovery Guide For Businesses

Business back up

The time it takes to get your business back up and running after an event is critical. Every day lost increases the likely hood of business failure.  According to the Federal Emergency Aid Agency (FEMA), 71% of business are no longer operating just 2 years after a disaster. Smaller businesses, who are less likely to … Read more

Five Reasons Why Your Business Should Move to The Cloud

5 reasons why business should move to the cloud

The cloud is technology that has the potential to take your company’s efficiency to new levels. For many small business owners, running their operations in the cloud means they can access their data from anywhere, on any device at any time; this is only a small benefit of using the cloud. Here are five advantages of cloud … Read more

A Krack in WI-FI Security: Wi-Fi Security Tips for Your Business

securing wifi against hackers

Wi-Fi Security Tips from Hotline IT Nearly every device we use has Wi-Fi capabilities – from smartphones to laptops, iPads and TVs. The security protocol WPA2 – the norm for Wi-Fi password security worldwide can be compromised. It’s fact. This means hackers can potentially exploit the comprise in the code and inject malware such as … Read more

IT Risks You Might Not Be Aware Of

IT risks we should be aware of

Some Common IT Risk Management Examples There are many myths among the IT industry that need to be discredited. Unfortunately, it is very common to see a workplace turn a blind eye to their technology’s security. This occurs due to laziness, naivety or an insufficient technology budget that is unable to cover cybersecurity. It is … Read more

Big Banks on a Mission to Save Money by Outsourcing Network Security

big banks on a mission to save money

It has been publicly stated that Commonwealth Bank is currently seeking to shift quite a significant chunk of its information technology division elsewhere. Particularly, it is looking at outsourcing network security operations to reduce costs due to a growing scandal over its ability to evaluate and report on suspicious transactions. The major financial player is seeking … Read more

The Definitive Guide to Strong Password Tips and Tricks

guide in having a strong and secured password

It hardly needs to be re-iterated on the importance of a strong password. It is well known your password needs to be as strong and secure as possible in order to protect your personal information and business intelligence from falling into the wrong hands through cybersecurity breaches. For this reason, we thought we’d share some … Read more

Cryptocurrency: The Benefits To Your Business

cryptocurrency and its use to your business

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets stored on computer databases around the world. Anyone can purchase these digital assets, and as a result, their price goes up when more people buy, and down as more people sell, just as the exchange rate constantly changes for your own country’s currency as traders buy and sell it. But unlike … Read more

Hotline IT Appointed as Microsoft CSP Tier 1 Partner

hotline it appointed as tier 1 microsoft csp partner

We’re proud to announce our appointment as a Microsoft CSP Tier-1 Partner. This outstanding achievement clearly reaffirms our position as leading Cloud Solutions provider for small, large and enterprise businesses. Being one of the few Microsoft CSP Tier-1 partners, Hotline IT offers clients a seamless process from purchase to implementation. Therefore, customers will experience a … Read more

The Rise of Robots in The Business World

Robots in the business world

The rise of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV’s) coming in all shapes and forms, has changed the way we live in the modern world. Many automatics and robotics can now satisfy many logistical roles in a faster and more efficient way than humans can do. This has led to more efficient businesses and a world that … Read more