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raising the bar in 2019

Raising the Bar in 2019

Be willing to learn

The new year may be presenting you with a set of challenges commensurate with entering a new industry. But this, according to our experts, is nothing to be afraid of. Surrounding yourself with the right people is going to be a key factor in your success. 

Michelle Joosse, Managing Director of Business IT support service firm HotlineIT believes that the principles behind all businesses and industries are fundamentally the same. She says that knowing this allows you to enter a new industry, or new phase of your career with the knowledge that you are well equipped to do the job.

“Once you have the right people around you, approach the industry like any other.” 

Michelle Joosse

Michelle also thinks that preparation is key, in that you need to learn about your customers, what it is you’ll be selling, as well as the challenges the industry and its stakeholders are facing. 

“When you enter a new industry, you may not know what’s what, so your success will come down to your people,” she says. “You need to have people who know the industry inside and out and who you can trust to provide sound advice.”

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