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Cyber Security

Australian businesses are on average losing $46,000 in a cyber breach. Don’t be one of them.

We provide comprehensive technical defenses, best practice policies & compliance advice, and training for users.

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Your Light Against Cyber Shadows

How Can We Help You Achieve Your Business Goals?

Data protection is becoming more important as the world continues to digitise. Cyber criminals are gaining new capabilities, and their tools are only getting smarter, so it's vital you protect your business and its clients with robust cyber security solutions.

Our managed cyber security solutions give your business a live-line of robust protections that work tirelessly to safeguard your systems and data. You'll also benefit from a dedicated Hotline you can call upon for support, whenever you need it.

Cyber Threats

Cyber threats are growing in number and sophistication. Basic protections no longer offer the level of defence that today's businesses require, making data compromise not a question of if, but when!

Data Backup

How confident are you that you could recover your data following a cyber attack? Data backup is a vital cybersecurity consideration and forms a key part of numerous data protection regulations and standards.

Network Vulnerabilites

There are many ways for cyber threats to access your network, particularly if remote working is being supported. With Hotline IT, you can deploy a holistic and multi-layered set of protections across your IT environment, stopping cyber threats in their tracks.

Compliance Challenges

Maintaining data privacy is a critical part of achieving compliance as a business. We can help you gain oversight into how your data is being handled and stored, and give you the tools and guidance needed to govern that data to achieve compliance.

Modern Solutions for businesses In australia and new zealand

How Hotline Can Protect Your Business

We offer tailored cyber security solutions designed to fit around your business and its unique requirements.

Web Filtering & Firewalls

We deploy robust firewall and web filtering tools that screen and regulate the traffic entering your network, keeping it secure against unwelcome threats.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

We will regularly backup your data and store it in multiple secure locations in line with best practice. With frequent testing you can be assured that your backup and recovery strategy will work effectively when you need it.

Monitoring & Maintenance

We deploy intelligent and robust network monitoring tools in your IT environment to detect potential threats and anomalies in real-time. This enables swift threat neutralisation, preventing network compromise.

Network Security Compliance

We can help you map your compliance requirements against your current IT environment. Once compliance gaps are identified, we can bring in controls and policies to elevate your data protection efforts to the required standard.


Solutions for a Secure Tomorrow

Modern Workplace

Enjoy the benefits of live collaboration, easy file sharing, seamless virtual meetings and AI-driven features while focusing on what you do best. We can help you deploy the right solutions for your business, with a tailored approach that adapts technology around your goals and workflows.

Secure Communications

Elevate network and internet performance, secure your network from vulnerabilities, and lower costs and enhance productivity with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions. We help businesses of all sizes and needs to transform their connectivity.

Digital Infrastructure

We help SMEs to securely access the widespread benefits that the cloud has to offer. Save costs, improve network performance and enjoy a more secure, flexible and integrable IT infrastructure that empowers your business to achieve more with less.

Cyber Security

Our cyber security solutions include data backup and disaster recovery solutions that ensure your business retains its business resilience when the unexpected happens, and can get back on the road quickly.

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