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Digital Infrastructure

Blaze a path to fully-optimised IT infrastructure with Hotline IT.

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The Silver Lining for your Digital Cloud

How Can We Help You Achieve Your Business Goals?

We can create customised cloud solutions designed to lower costs and enhance flexibility and efficiency across your business. Together we can arrive at the optimal solution for your needs and budget, whether that's a server migration, desktop virtualisation, a fully-virtualised IT environment or a cloud software service like Microsoft 365.

Our solutions can flex with your needs. We can help you create the perfect private, hybrid or public cloud environment, and offer guidance on how to make it work to save you time and money.

Cyber Secure Solutions

It's a myth that the cloud is less secure than on-premises solutions. Cloud solutions provide access to advanced cyber security tools and data controls that enhance the integrity and security of cloud-hosted data.

Save Money

Cloud solutions are cashflow-friendly, with flexible monthly subscriptions that can be altered in line with changing demands. Provision the resources you need and enjoy lean, manageable IT spending that avoids hefty capital outlays that come with traditional IT projects.

Network Oversight & Optimisation

The cloud enables unprecedented oversight and management capabilities across your IT environment, enabling you to maximise performance, security and reliability. Take command of your digital ecosystem so that your business operates at its full potential.

Accessible Anywhere for Enhanced Continuity

Accessible from anywhere via an internet connection, the cloud facilitates effective remote work and provides more flexible, resilient IT infrastructure that aids business continuity. Remain agile and responsive to change by giving your team the ability to work from any location.

Digital Infrastructure for businesses In australia and new zealand

Providing The Hottest Digital Infrastructure Solutions

Cloud Server Migration

Are you looking to optimise your digital operations by migrating your infrastructure to the cloud? Our cloud infrastructure migration service is designed to effortlessly transition your business to a cloud-based environment, unlocking a range of benefits for your website or applications.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

We continually monitor your cloud environment, ensuring you always get the most from your cloud assets by maximising performance while lowering costs. Ongoing cloud maintenance ensures your cloud services are always operating optimally and we’ll ensure your resources are scaled to meet changing demands.

Data Backup & Recovery

We’ll regularly backup your data to multiple secure locations, and perform regular tests to check the system is working as expected in accordance with data backup best practice. We can even simulate disaster scenarios and help you develop comprehensive recovery strategies, giving your business the tools it needs to recover swiftly and limit operational harm.

Cloud Cyber Security

Our cloud security offering is specially curated to address the challenges of remote access security, with full network monitoring and maintenence, firewalls, intrusion detection and managed endpoint protection combining to offer robust, multi-layered protection. With Hotline you can rest assured that your cloud environment is fully secure and compliant.

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Our Cutting-Edge Digital Infrastructure Solutions

Modern Workplace

Unleash your productivity and efficiency by implementing modern workplace solutions like Microsoft 365. Enjoy the benefits of live collaboration, easy file sharing, seamless virtual meetings and AI-driven features while focusing on what you do best.

Secure Communications

Elevate network and internet performance, secure your network from vulnerabilities, and lower costs and enhance productivity with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions. We help businesses of all sizes and needs to transform their connectivity.

Digital Infrastructure

We help SMEs to securely access the widespread benefits that the cloud has to offer. Save costs, improve network performance and enjoy a more secure, flexible and integrable IT infrastructure that empowers your business to achieve more with less.

Cyber Security

Be ready for the unexpected and get back on track quickly with our data privacy and disaster recovery solutions. We help SMEs establish reliable data and systems backups. Prepare for any eventuality and maintain compliance with Hotline IT.

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