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About You

It's All About Your Success.

Does This Sound Like You?

Perhaps your IT needs are growing with your business, or you have a current provider that's not matching your ambition and unique needs. You're looking for an ethical provider that you can trust, one that links your success with theirs, a friendly team of experts that you can turn to for all-things IT, a provider that truly tailors and scales its support precisely to you and your unique needs. If this is you, you're in the right place!

We're Your Hotline for tailored, SME-focused managed IT solutions that cover the full IT lifecycle. ISO9001 certified and ISO27001 certified, we're fluent in the assurance of quality, providing budget-conscious solutions that make your IT working like clockwork and move the needle for your business. We offer a shared risk model that ensures that your success is our success, making our Hotline a trusted lifeline to SMEs across Australia and New Zealand.

IT You Can Trust

We're devoted to honesty and integrity, and use a shared risk model that ensures your success is our success!

Experts In Quality

We're proven and certified experts in projects and quality assurance, making us a safe pair of hands that you can rely on for ensuring IT success.

Full Lifecycle IT

We offer support across the full lifecycle of IT management, alongside strategic consulting, cyber security, unified communications and more!

Loved By SMEs

We give SMEs the tailor-cut IT solutions that they need to succeed, delivering the best bang for their buck across their growth journey.

Why Take Action?

The Cost of Doing Nothing vs Taking Action

"Switching IT provider is difficult and time consuming"

At Hotline IT, we understand that switching IT providers can be perceived as difficult and time-consuming. However, our commitment to providing a seamless onboarding process aims to change that perception. With us, transitioning to Hotline IT is not only easy but efficient. Our team takes the lead on the heavy lifting, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for your business. We prioritize your convenience, making the switch to Hotline IT a straightforward and positive journey, so you can focus on what matters most – the success of your business.

At Hotline, we embrace the values of "Own It, Excel At It, Live It" as more than just words on paper. We embody these principles to redefine your IT experience. "Own It" means taking full responsibility for your technological needs, ensuring that your business's challenges become ours to overcome. We "Excel At It" by not just meeting but surpassing expectations, delivering solutions that align seamlessly with your unique objectives. We "Live It" by integrating our expertise into the fabric of your business, becoming the personable, business-focused IT partner you've always sought.

Hotline IT is not just a service; it's a commitment to your business's success.

Our commitment to being business-centric is at the core of our operations. Through our thorough 5-step process, we take an intrinsic approach to tailor technology solutions specifically around your business needs. Our team is dedicated to bridging the gap between IT expertise and the unique intricacies of your business, ensuring that the technology not only aligns seamlessly but also enhances and propels your business forward. We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work, and that's why we go the extra mile to comprehend the nuances of your operations, providing you with bespoke IT solutions that truly make a difference.


We are passionate about supporting non-profits to deliver on their mission with the help of technology. We understand that many non-profits struggle with limited budgets, strict compliance requirements, and legacy technology, amongst other challenges. This need not stop them from finding an empowering provider that can help them to transform their IT!

We understand and prioritise these needs as a provider. As an organisation committed to ethical business practices, social responsibility, and maintaining our carbon neutrality, we share an alignment with the values and visions that drive many non-profit organisations. These common values positions Hotline IT as the natural technology partner for non-profits throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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Hire And Rental

We're specialists in helping hire and rental companies get the best from their technology. Businesses in this space need to efficiently manage large and dynamic vehicle inventories and scheduling systems, in order to deliver the best customer experience. Their IT also needs to support their compliance efforts by rigorously safeguarding customer data.

With the help of Hotline, you'll enjoy fast, reliable and secure IT, with all the tools you need to ensure compliance. Our strategic guidance and support will set your hire and rental business on the road to success.


IT is a vital component in helping manufacturing and distribution companies gain a competitive edge, achieve compliance and remain secure against cyberthreats. With our proven record in the manufacturing space, we can help your business update its legacy systems, streamline its inventory management and quality assurance processes, as well as implement advanced cyber security controls. Want to see the transformative possibilities that IT can offer to your manufacturing business? Get in touch with Hotline today. 

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Aren't sure? Be Sure!

If you are the slightest bit uncertain about the safety of your sensitive data, pick up the Hotline and let's have a chat. It costs you nothing to ask us a question and get some practical advice.

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Professional Services

Companies operating in the professional services sector are well-placed to take advantage of the cutting-edge IT solutions on the market today. In today's digital environment, they also need to ensure that sensitive data is protected and meets compliance obligations.

We have over 20 years' experience in helping professional services businesses operate with reliable, modern technology and to harness it to enhance productivity, compliance and security. No two businesses are the same of course, which is why we offer highly tailored solutions to our clients.


Retailers often process and manage vast amounts of data and their IT systems need to be able to meet this challenge. By modernising IT, retail businesses can mitigate the threats common to the e-commerce realm, while improving process efficiency and driving value for their customers. Want to see what IT support can do for your retail business? Get in touch with Hotline to explore the possibilities.

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We are relatively new to supporting government clients. We have recently been added to the approved supplier list for both NSW and local government. We understand how important it is to provide a reliable and secure solution that is well communicated to meet expectations, budgets and outcomes for all stakeholders.

From ongoing IT support and cyber security, to digital transformation and cloud migrations, Hotline are ready to help your department extract maximum value from its IT, while remaining compliant and secure.

Hi, I'm Jason

As the CEO of Hotline, and I’m thrilled at the prospect of meeting with you. This is your chance to explore strategic insights and receive personalized guidance throughout the entire technology lifecycle.

Beyond guiding our company’s vision, I stay tuned to the ever-changing tech landscape. So, in our meeting, you can anticipate a warm conversation filled with valuable insights and tailored advice.