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How We Do It

We provide these services by managing the full IT lifecyle. Businesses obtain the best results, when we are involved early in the decision making process. This allows for collaborative conversation around options and benefits, as well as ensuring new technology solutions are implemented in a cost effective way, and in line with best practice.

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Guiding You Through Every Phase of the Technology Lifecycle

At Hotline, we distinguish ourselves by actively participating in every stage of the technology lifecycle, positioning ourselves as your outsourced, internal IT department. Our commitment extends from offering insightful advice and streamlining procurement to ensuring smooth implementation, providing comprehensive managed services, and responsibly managing disposal/e-waste.

By immersing ourselves in the entire lifecycle, we can present optimal options and customize technology solutions that perfectly align with your priorities. Whether it’s emphasizing cost-effectiveness, enhancing reliability, fortifying security, or ensuring overall effectiveness, our early engagement empowers us to tailor our services to meet your unique needs.

Advisory Services

We help you explore and understand the options available to solve each particular problem. We provide access to leading vendors for educational purposes, better pricing and faster support. We manage IT Steering Committees for many of our customers, assisting in their Risk Management processes both for ISO9001 and for ISO27001, often filling the role of Virtual CIO.

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We take the risks out of purchasing, to ensure the outcomes you expected from your technology are achieved. We purchase only current stock from leading distributors, to ensure you are getting what you require. So often we see customers purchasing hardware themselves, only to find that the reason it was cheaper, is that it is old or refurbished stock, comes with the wrong version of software, or doesn’t include essential cables.

Professional Services

From small to large projects, we employ tailored and proven Project Management templates and methods to ensure a high level of adoption, low risk and on time and on budget outcomes. Implementing change in your IT environment needs to consider impacts on security, user adoption, productivity and minimising business interruption

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Get A Free Cyber Security Assessment

Gain clarity to your known and unknown cyber security questions with our free and actionable assessment. Get in touch with us today to get started.

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Managed Services

The core of our services, is to monitor, patch and manage your environment, ensuring you can get on with the job of running your business and providing your services to your customers. This is achieved through the use of automated systems and a skilled helpdesk team who focus on first time fix. Our monthly CSAT scores are consistently 97%+, with around 40% of tickets marked. Figures we are justifiably proud of.

Asset Disposal and E-waste

An often overlooked aspect of safely managing an IT environment, is the offboarding and disposal of technology that is no longer required. We are safely recycle older, no longer required end user devices and provide these to a fantastic charity, so that these can be provided to vulnerable and less fortunate people in our community. Hardware that has no further value, is recycled for parts through an e-waste partner, or shredded for recycling of the raw materials. In all instances, data protection is paramount, ensuring your disposed information does not accidentally fall into the hands of someone who may misuse it.

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Hi, I'm Jason

As the CEO of Hotline, and I’m thrilled at the prospect of meeting with you. This is your chance to explore strategic insights and receive personalized guidance throughout the entire technology lifecycle.

Beyond guiding our company’s vision, I stay tuned to the ever-changing tech landscape. So, in our meeting, you can anticipate a warm conversation filled with valuable insights and tailored advice.