Michelle Joosse: Journey from a non-tech background to IT CEO


From unknown to CEO, Michelle Joosse is one of Australia’s success stories, but for those who want to follow her example, she believes that the path is clear. Michelle Joosse is the CEO of leading Australian IT firm Hotline IT. An Australian owned and operated full-service IT management solutions provider, the firm touts itself as being … Read more

The top five IT considerations for small business

Five IT Considerations

Launching and running a business is challenging. While many small-business owners work hard to plan and operate their sales, marketing, and staffing operations, essential IT requirements are often neglected, putting businesses at risk of snowballing technical issues. Here are five tips the experts agree are essential to keeping your business backed up, optimised, secure – … Read more

Customer experience vs customer service: 3 things you need to know

Customer Experience Vs Customer Service

It’s easy to confuse customer service with customer experience but there are some fundamental differences. Michelle JoosSe, CEO of Hotline IT explains what you need to know. Many businesses will put a lot of effort into securing new customers. But unfortunately, often the customer will find that their experience does not live up to the original … Read more

Raising the Bar in 2019

raising the bar in 2019

Be willing to learn The new year may be presenting you with a set of challenges commensurate with entering a new industry. But this, according to our experts, is nothing to be afraid of. Surrounding yourself with the right people is going to be a key factor in your success.  Michelle Joosse, Managing Director of … Read more

Pop Quiz with Michelle Joosse

Pop Quiz, Monday with Michelle Joosse

Recently, The Start Up Growth interviewed our CEO, Michelle Joosse, in a segment labelled, Pop Quiz Monday. The questions and answers are below – enjoy the read! What is your job role? CEO or some may say, Chief Nerd Herder. Working in IT you employ a lot of Geeks (they wear that term as a … Read more

Office Move without Digital Disruption


Office moves are a lot of work for everyone involved. There is no doubt they can be disruptive to everyone in the organization. A sound IT relocation plan can ensure that your new office it setup will run without a hitch. Consider the technical benefits Malcolm Joosse, Director at Hotline IT, adds: “The main advice … Read more

What do SMEs Need to Survive?

what SMEs need-to-survive

Starting and running a small business is challenging. The hardest thing is knowing what you need for a successful small business IT setup. Most small businesses start with an idea, but in order to be successful you need to know what technology you need to get the message out there about your product and how … Read more

Why it’s important to invest in your Cyber Security Maturity

cyber security maturity

Often, CISOs struggle to understand and share precisely what is happening across their estate at all times. To support business change or user demands, organisations have evolved highly sophisticated, interconnected structures. Some of there are internally owned and some run by third parties. Brett Ogilvie of Celtech Energy Systems states; “A properly formed cyber security … Read more

Marketing Matters – Marketing Advice for Small Businesses

In this episode of Marketing Matters, we have three experts that will discuss important marketing advice for small businesses and insider knowledge that can help you get your business sky high. They have focused on what it takes to get a proper pitch together, and what your business needs to win that pitch. Our CEO … Read more

How to Plan an Office Move Without Disrupting Your Business

office move without disruption

Moving offices requires significant preparation and planning. There are so many IT requirements for a new office, and it can be a stressful, complex and costly process. Without a detailed IT relocation project plan, this exciting time for growth in your company could have negative impacts on both staff and business costs. Defining the IT … Read more