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Office Move without Digital Disruption

Office moves are a lot of work for everyone involved. There is no doubt they can be disruptive to everyone in the organization. A sound IT relocation plan can ensure that your new office it setup will run without a hitch.

Consider the technical benefits

Malcolm Joosse, Director at Hotline IT, adds: “The main advice I give any company planning on moving, is to ensure you consider the technical aspects of any prospective sites. I have seen decisions made about the choice of new sites based primarily on the technical benefits of one of the choices. By engaging a consultant that is able to provide the technical details of sites and advise on business IT requirements, you can save a lot in the long run.

Plan ahead

“The second piece of advice would be to ensure that they have all the services applied for and ready to go well before move-in day. Most carriers have a 40-Business Day lead time for Fibre-based services, so get the applications in sooner rather than later.”

The one rule of moving offices is that it will always take longer than you think it will. Never wait until the last moment because by then it will be too late. Once you have decided on a site, start drawing up an IT relocation plan for the office move about a year in advance.


Further Considerations

These are the main questions you should be thinking about:

Does the new location need a refit?

Do you have legacy onsite servers?

This is also a good time to think about your phone system. Do you currently have an on-premise PBX?

And as quoted by Malcolm above, organize your communications with plenty time to spare. Click here to read more:

If you’re looking to engage a consultant that is able to provide technical advice regarding your new office IT setup, contact us today.

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