Marketing Matters – Marketing Advice for Small Businesses

In this episode of Marketing Matters, we have three experts that will discuss important marketing advice for small businesses and insider knowledge that can help you get your business sky high. They have focused on what it takes to get a proper pitch together, and what your business needs to win that pitch.

Our CEO was one of the panelists. Who are Hotline IT:

Hotline IT understands that every business is different. They provide smart solutions across Australia, with a “one size does NOT fit all” approach. They dig deep into what your business needs, and will provide you with the best, the safest, and most cost effective strategy to boost your services and ensure you are in safe hands.

Michelle’s key marketing advice for small businesses on “The Pitch”:

  1. Target only the businesses you know you can add value to.
  2. Educate your clients and help them understand so that they can compare what we offer to what they need.
  3. The bulk of the pitch comes before the pitch. This means you have to research your target market, understand each and every client, and listen to what they need.
  4. Learn what the client needs. If you can’t help them, it’s better to recommend them to a different company than leave them unsatisfied.
  5. The approach you take with your pitch will vary depending on who you are pitching to.
  6. The pitch is not always about selling. The pitch is about getting to know the customer and figuring out if the deal will be a good fit for both parties.

For more information about how Hotline IT can help your business reach its marketing and business objectives, contact Hotline IT a call day. Our expert staff will be happy to help you achieve that success that you strive for every day.

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