IT Support and Advice During COVID-19 Pandemic

IT support during COVID-19

Things are changing so rapidly, that every time I draft a communication, it is outdated before I click send. I wanted to provide valuable information rather than just another reminder that we are in the most challenging time that most of us have experienced. We want to reach out with some practical advice and information … Read more

8 essential tips for SMEs to protect their business’ data

protect business data

Is your business at risk of being hacked? Hacking and cybersecurity concerns have become so widespread-enough among small and medium-sized enterprises around Australia that an entire industry has sprung up around protecting them. Australian government agency, the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), has put together a list of guidelines designed to help small and medium-sized business … Read more

IT Risks You Might Not Be Aware Of

IT risks we should be aware of

Some Common IT Risk Management Examples There are many myths among the IT industry that need to be discredited. Unfortunately, it is very common to see a workplace turn a blind eye to their technology’s security. This occurs due to laziness, naivety or an insufficient technology budget that is unable to cover cybersecurity. It is … Read more