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IT risks we should be aware of

IT Risks You Might Not Be Aware Of

Some Common IT Risk Management Examples

There are many myths among the IT industry that need to be discredited. Unfortunately, it is very common to see a workplace turn a blind eye to their technology’s security. This occurs due to laziness, naivety or an insufficient technology budget that is unable to cover cybersecurity. It is important to keep the following common it risk management examples in mind:

Laptops are just as, if not more vulnerable to security breaches as tablets and mobiles

Laptops and desktops in the office are not necessarily more secure than mobile devices. This is due to many laptops and desktops still containing resident hard drives that store complex data. This creates greater risk of stolen, compromised or illegally shared data.

Public app stores are not always safe

Smaller companies often operate without their own network infrastructures for downloads. Therefore, they will sometimes use public app stores instead. These app stores have taken precautions to ensure the safety and security whilst downloading – but that does not guarantee the complete absence of security breaches, hacks and malware threats. The best policy is to create your own download procedures that your network administrator directly oversees.

Desktop PCs and laptops can get lost

People do lose their Laptops and desktops, although not at the same rates as mobile devices. Five years ago, lost laptops were costing organisations $18 billion annually and the problem still exists today. All businesses should track equipment with asset management software and other measures, just as they track lost or misplaced mobile devices.

Mac Software is still at risk of Viruses and Malware

Many are under the belief that Mac users are not susceptible to malware and viruses. The software is definitely more secure than Windows, however it can still be affected by malware. Xagent, OSX/Pirrit, MacDownloader and Fruitfly are all examples of groups that have previously hacked mac devices for different reasons. Although anti-virus software is not imperative on mac devices, sometimes Apple is unable to respond to threats quickly enough. We strongly recommend downloading an anti-virus app.

Everyone is vulnerable when operating technology and being aware of this is imperative. Knowing who and what is at risk is a vital part of keeping an organisation safe from hackers and thieves. Hopefully some of these common IT risk management examples will shine some light on potential issues in your workplace. If your business does not have an IT department and you are unsure of what risks you are facing, contact Hotline IT or call 1300 446 848.