What do SMEs Need to Survive?

what SMEs need-to-survive

Starting and running a small business is challenging. The hardest thing is knowing what you need for a successful small business IT setup. Most small businesses start with an idea, but in order to be successful you need to know what technology you need to get the message out there about your product and how … Read more

The Evolution of Business Communication

How Has Technology Driven the Evolution of Business Communication? In the age of smart phones, it would be easy to think communication is simple. You need to be able to contact your customers and suppliers and they need to be able to contact you. But what happens when the phones go down? Again, we’ve seen … Read more

Why it’s important to invest in your Cyber Security Maturity

cyber security maturity

Often, CISOs struggle to understand and share precisely what is happening across their estate at all times. To support business change or user demands, organisations have evolved highly sophisticated, interconnected structures. Some of there are internally owned and some run by third parties. Brett Ogilvie of Celtech Energy Systems states; “A properly formed cyber security … Read more

Marketing Matters – Marketing Advice for Small Businesses

In this episode of Marketing Matters, we have three experts that will discuss important marketing advice for small businesses and insider knowledge that can help you get your business sky high. They have focused on what it takes to get a proper pitch together, and what your business needs to win that pitch. Our CEO … Read more

How to Plan an Office Move Without Disrupting Your Business

office move without disruption

Moving offices requires significant preparation and planning. There are so many IT requirements for a new office, and it can be a stressful, complex and costly process. Without a detailed IT relocation project plan, this exciting time for growth in your company could have negative impacts on both staff and business costs. Defining the IT … Read more

What is Trending in IT, Quarter One, 2018


Staying Ahead of Business IT Trends The technology space moves so fast it can be hard to keep up with the latest business IT trends. With the introduction of the Data Breach laws in February this year, Cyber-security is a hot topic of conversation. Whilst the risks and exposures to cyber-crime has not changed much … Read more

How to Protect Company Data

taking stress out of IT

Since the start of the 21st century, technology has been growing exponentially. As stated in Tom Friedman’s book The World is Flat, technology makes the world a smaller place and levels the playing field in terms of commerce and industry. With new businesses rising every minute, the need for technological growth and security doubles in … Read more

How Cloud Based Phone Technology is Driving Business

Cloud Based Phones

Cloud based technology is driving many businesses, by offering far more affordable solutions. One area that has been lacking innovation has been the business phone system (PBX). But what is a cloud based phone system? Traditional business phone systems have a box on the wall, telephone lines and handsets for the users. They are generally … Read more

3 Etiquette Tips for Job Seekers and Employers

etiquette for job seekers and employers

In twenty five plus years of my working life, I have both recruited and applied for many jobs. During these experiences on both sides of the table, I have encountered many failures of good manners that continue to frustrate me, both as an employer and from the feedback of friends and family job seekers. Job … Read more