Data protection is everyone’s responsibility, not just your IT team

Would your business survive if your system was compromised? Would your customers understand if their personal information was leaked? Network security doesn’t just affect your IT team. If your system is compromised, it’s everyone’s problem.

And with mandatory disclosure under the Notifiable Data Breach Notification Scheme, it’s more important than ever your business is prepared.

Specialist network and device security at your fingertips

As network security becomes more sophisticated, it’s not a case of if your business will be hacked, it’s when. Most businesses don’t have the budget for a specialised data security expert – that’s why we’re here. Our security specialists provide multi-layered security from entry point to your desktop so your data, network and infrastructure stay safe. And if there’s a problem?

How to choose an IT security provider

  1.  Up to date with the latest threats and solutions
  2.  Flexible packages customised for your business
  3.  Provide remote access to analytics and firewall reports
  4.  24/7 local support to deal with a problem as it happens
  5.  Track record in providing enterprise-grade solutions to every size business
  6.  Promote user education to reduce threats introduced by human error

Make today the day you talk to an IT security specialist

Take network security out of the too hard basket and talk to your specialists about a free network audit

Schedule a meeting with CEO Michelle Joosse to discuss your business IT

Network security solutions so you can get on with business

Every business can have access to enterprise-level security. Protect your network with:

  • Web filtering and firewalls to stop dangerous content getting into your IT infrastructure (even if your staff click a dodgy link)
  • Infrastructure security solutions including anti-malware, spam protection, backup and disaster recovery, data theft and anti-virus
  • Network security compliance to tick all the boxes and keep you compliant with cyber and data legal and reporting requirements
  • Seamless footprint and security programs that won’t slow down your system.