As a Business Internet Service Provider (ISP), we provide an array of communication solutions to suit your business needs. We offer copper, fibre, NBN and wireless technologies with varying speed download and upload rates, in addition to being able to provide data distribution across multiple sites.

In addition to broadband, we offer a suite of telephony, video integration and conferencing products tailored to fit the demands of our clients. We can enhance the communication between your business and your customers.

We provide expert advice and communication network designs

Our priority is for our clients to have a well-rounded positive experience. We facilitate this by ensuring your business communications are designed via a collaborative experience that considers your employees, clients and suppliers.

Tailored solutions to anticipate and prevent technical difficulties

Business Internet Service Provider (ISP) Solutions

We established a business only ISP in 1997. We provide ISP and data connectivity, complete with thorough end-to-end management and control. From a single office to a national or international Wide Area network (WAN), we can offer you a solution that suits your business needs. Flexibility, control and optimal performance; our business internet solutions assure exactly that!

  • Business Grade Performance – 99% uptime Guarantee. Experience low-latency data flow through redundant networking and routing infrastructure, without congestion.
  • High-quality support – Service Level Guarantee and full network control, providing a superior level of service for your business communications.
  • Tailored Connection Method – From xDSL to high-speed fibre, select the connection that suits your business needs and budget.
  • Manage client firewalls – We can supply and manage an onsite firewall to provide additional services and protection for your network.

Hotline Voice

We are a Virtual Telecommunications Provider. Providing access to Voice Services including SIP Trunks, SIP CTS, Hosted PBX and Virtual Fax.

Hotline Voice is a fully managed Hotline IT VoIP service giving you access to a carrier-grade, highly redundant, highly available, scalable and fully feature rich hosted phone system.

The combination of easy to use, low cost, feature rich and quality of the cloud based phone system makes Hotline Voice’s VoIP service a preferred choice for any business as opposed to the traditional PBX system.

Hotline Voice Features
  • hunt groups
  • ivr menus
  • voice conferencing
  • dial by name directory
  • direct in dial numbers
  • hot desking
  • time of day rules
  • find me / follow me
  • tapi integration
  • call park & hold
  • custom hold music
  • call recording
  • intercom
  • group pickup
  • complex call flow planning
  • call forwarding
  • shared voicemail boxes
  • restful api and webooks
  • advanced provisioner
Smart flexible features

With advanced management tools, scheduling and customisation, Hotline Voice is a hosted PBX packed with features designed to lighten your workload.

Web Based

Call Forwarding

Ring Groups

Music On Hold

Inbound and

Schedule Based
Call Routing


Direct Indial


Say goodbye to your fax machine with faxee.

Faxee Features
  • secure web portal for viewing, sending and receiving faxes
  • bring your existing fax number
  • save paper and be environmentally friendly

Secure, Web Based

No Phone Line

No Paper
Less Electricity

Bring Your
Existing Number

No Install


24/7 Support

Feel confident that your IT is safe 24/7 with access to expert engineers, as we form the platform between quality project execution without compromising your budget.

If you would like to speak directly with a Hotline IT consultant or simply find out more about how your business can benefit.