Enterprise IT Services

For businesses with 500+ users.


At Hotline IT, we offer an extensive range of services for Enterprise customers – we’ll manage your entire IT provision, assist your existing IT staff in routine maintenance or contract your entire IT team so you can focus on managing your in-house services.

As well as assisting with the day-to-day we can provide additional resources to complete and manage projects, so your team is not distracted from their regular responsibilities. You may also be lacking skills in certain areas, and we may be able to fill that gap.

We have a dedicated and skilled team of engineers who provide IT practices and solutions to businesses at a realistic price – allowing you to drive your business forward!

With Hotline IT as your IT partner you will experience:

Fewer Day-to-day Issues – We proactively monitor your network and suggest improvements to prevent issues to ensure everyday runs smoothly.

Reduced disruption costs – We save you business time and money by fast resolution times and less disruptions to productivity.

Flat-Rate IT Budget – Know your monthly spend on IT expenses ahead of time – your budget is important to us!

Infrastructure Protection – We use the state of the art security solutions to ensure your networks and devices are kept safe and protected.

Business Continuity – IT is only part of business continuity, but we will hold up our end by providing backups and disaster recovery solutions.

Peace of Mind – We provide 24/7 monitoring and can provide 24/7 local support if required, so someone is always keeping an eye on your network.


“The ongoing support and Maintenance provided by the team at HotlineIT over the years has been high-quality. Even in situations that are beyond their control, the team at HotlineIT have always worked with us to ensure that we avoid or minimise any downtime.”    

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IT Services for Enterprise

  • IT Management services
  • Business Internet Services
  • Telephony
  • Cloud storage
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Security
  • Software licencing
  • Hardware rental
  • Managed print services
  • Onsite resources
  • Project Management
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